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Topic: Applying as a Raider? PLEASE READ - Application info and template  (Read 29016 times)
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« on: August 19, 2007, 08:55:49 PM »

Hello and welcome to Dauntless!

We have a few requirements for new applicants.  If you cannot meet these requirements, do not apply.  If you look good in a schoolgirl outfit and submit pictures with your application, we will probably overlook many in-game shortcomings.  Preemptively sending schoolgirl pictures to Khaldar via Private Message probably isn't a terrible idea either.

At a minimum:

-- Level 85. (This will be 90 soon)
-- You must be at least 18 years of age.  Exceptions are made occasionally, depending on the strength of the applicant and their application.  This is rare.
-- Stable Internet connection.
-- Able to raid on our schedule (Tue, Wed, Thu  8:00-11:00 server)
-- Geared appropriately for current content.
-- Ventrilo (with a functioning microphone), Omen, and BigWigs plus other mods depending on class.
-- An ability to listen and to follow instructions, learn strategies independently, play your class in a 10-man raid force and willingness to adjust your spec to perform the role you are assigned.  NOTE: Adjusting your spec does not mean we're going to make you play Resto when you applied as Feral, for example.  We don't do that.  You can stay in your tree, we just expect your talents and your gear to be singularly focused on raiding.

These requirements are for raid spots when they are available.  Simply meeting these conditions does not automatically guarantee an invitation; they are just the minimums to be considered for one.

You must be self-sufficient in terms of consumables, gems, enchants and always come prepared.  This is big with us.

If you meet the above requirements, our application process is as follows:

1)  [Register for our forum]       Use the name of your main raiding character.  Use ONLY the name of your main raiding character.  Don't use any other name, even if you think it's clever or funny or somehow relevant.  It isn't.  Names that don't match will cause us to question your ability to follow simple instructions and your application will be discarded immediately.  Try not to fail this simple test.

2)  Read #1 again.  It's really amazing how hard this one is for people.

3)  Visit our [Public Forum] and make a new thread with your character name and class in the title.

4)  In your application, answer the following questions:

  • Name, Class and Talent Spec of your character
  • A link to your Armory page.  Make certain you are logged out in your PVE gear.  PVP gear logouts will be discarded without further consideration.  If you're not currently spec'd for raiding, please post (using wowhead.com's talent calculator, for instance) your intended raiding spec.
  • Your geographical location and typical play time. We require high attendance.
  • Age and gender
  • Raiding history and end game experience.  
    • Why did you leave your previous guild? Was it on good terms?
    • Internet connection type and speed. Honest assessment of stability.  How often do you disconnect? Frame rate in a 25.
    • Do you have any friends or relatives currently in Dauntless?
    • What else do we need to know about you?  Sell yourself!

    Note:  Both spelling and grammar count on your application.  Let's be honest: until we get to know you, your words here are really the only way we have to form an impression of you.  If u have 2 type like a txt msg or B a 1337 H4x0rz or spel like a looser [sic], it will be noticed, and not positively.  A good application will take some time to assemble.  Figure on at least 15 to 20 minutes.  Gear can be easily obtained; intelligence and a good attitude are much more valuable to us.

    5)  Once you post an application, keep checking back for additional posts.  You will usually find out here if your application is to be approved or denied.  We may ask you to change certain things about your gear or spec, and we may ask further questions of you.  Please be attentive and responsive at this point.  Answering two weeks later may not fill us with confidence.

    If you are invited to the guild, you will be evaluated by the current members for a period of time not less than two weeks (it's almost always longer).  The length of your evaluation period will be determined by your activity level, your involvement, your performance, your interaction with others and your knowledge of your class and the game itself.
         During your evaluation period, you are quite welcome to roll on loot (with the exception of Patterns/Designs/Formulas/Schematics) in virtually any instance we run.  Rest assured, nothing will be sharded if you can use it.

    6)  All Recruits are required to read the policies and rules posted on the forum, as well keep current with the posts there. Everything from boss strategies to why you could be moved back to an affiliate (non-raider) status is posted on our forums, read them.

    Many of the members of Dauntless have known each other for years.  Some are friends in real life.  There is very little drama, and people tend to stick with this guild for a long time because it is unique and friendly while still being very serious.  Real life comes first with us.  We don't mind taking five while you put your kids to bed or answer the phone but we are still a progression-focused raiding guild.  We are not quite hardcore, but we're most definitely harder than casual.  Call us midcore.  As such, we demand excellent performance and preparation.

    We run from 8pm server (central) until 11 server three nights per week, and high attendance and participation are required.  Our raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to apply to Dauntless.  We look forward to hearing from you.   Smiley

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