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Title: So you want to apply as a Non-Raider?
Post by: Dauntless on July 07, 2008, 10:41:34 PM

If you want to apply as a non-raiding member of Dauntless you are welcome to do so.  We allow this so that friends and family of current members can easily join.

First and foremost:  Read the Application thread. (http://www.dauntlessones.com/index.php?topic=759.msg6700#msg6700)  Although there are certain things that don't apply to you as a non-raider, most of it definitely still does apply.

Things that don't apply:

You don't have to be 85.

You don't have to log out in PvE gear.

You don't have to link an Armory page, but you should.  Members cannot harshly critique a non-raiding applicant's Armory, but you may get some helpful criticism that improves your play.

Things that do apply:

You have to tell us about yourself.

You have to tell us your age.

You have to be friends with or related to someone in Dauntless.  In turn, that person must post in your thread that they vouch for you and that you are not going to embarrass us.

You have to follow the rules here.  If you get in here and end up being a forum troll or public dickhead, you will be removed. 

While applying as a non-raider does protect you from the harsh gear/spec judgments a raid applicant might face, it does not excuse you from taking time with your application and putting your best foot forward.  Remember, you are representing a friend currently in the guild, and I'm sure since you know them, they have probably told you already how much we adore a good and thoughtful application.  Make them proud!